Mini Readings

Mini Readings



Have a question? Wondering what messages the fairies or angels have for you? Want to receive a message from the wise Moon Phase Oracle?

Hold your question in your heart at time of checking out and receive the results to your inbox within 7 days!

When I pull these cards for you I hold you in my heart and set the intention for you to receive clarity and guidance.

These mini readings include a mini write up and a picture of the card that is intuitively pulled for you!

#1. Moon Phase Oracle Pull (one card). Created by Devin Strickler. This deck is profound and "aha moments" abound when using it.

#2.Archangel of Atlantis Pull (one card). Discover what Archangel is working with you, what their message is and how to harness their energy.

#3 Fairy Oracle (one card). By Doreen Virtue. See what light hearted insights the fairies have for you!

#4. 3 Card Pull. Past-Present-Future insights. Explained via email and photo included.