Intuitive Astrology Readings

Intuitive Astrology Readings



These Astrology Readings are personalized horoscopes.

Each reading will include a custom graphic of the individuals birth chart sent via email.

Using the the Birth Chart (also known as Star Chart) and her intuition Shannon will explore what’s happening in your life, what cycles are unfolding and what is to come.

She’ll look into past experiences in order to understand the underlying lessons.

Decipher what’s currently happening in your life and dive into upcoming cycles.

Through cultivating an awareness of these energetic currents one can align with this flow and make the most of life.

These readings can cover a variety of topics and are 100% personalized so please feel free to submit questions at the time of booking in the check out notes.

Please include the following information in check out notes:

Date of birth
Place of birth
Time of birth (if you don't no it, no problem!)

Option #1. 15 minute Recorded Reading sent via email. This reading sent via email within 7 days of purchase. This is a great way to get a feel for Shannon's style of intuitive astrology and receive valuable insights.

Options #2: 30 minute Recorded Reading sent via email. This recorded reading will be sent to you via email within 7 days of purchase. In this reading we are able to cover a ton of ground and discover many insights. However you will not be one-on-one with Shannon.

Option #3: 1 hour One-on-One Skype/Phone Reading with Shannon. During this journey you will be able to ask as many questions as you'd like and look into unlimited relationship compatibility.

***Once payment is processed you will receive a link via email to schedule the session and input your birth information.***