Shannon Hugman Astrology

Astrology can offer clarity and understanding for this crazy thing called life. Readings are like personalized horoscopes and customized to your date of birth.

Shannon has learned her skills through many astrologers, books and courses; but more than anything else she listens to her inner guidance to provide you with the best guidance. Using a combination of science and intuitive gifts Shannon offers refreshing perspective on life along with cheering you on to make the most of your future.

Brantford, Canada


  • Where is the store based?

    Brantford, Canada

  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    We do not offer refunds, however we will happily exchange products at anytime.

  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    We sure do!

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    You will always receive your order within 7 business days- although usually faster!

  • What is Intuitive Astrology?

    Astrology is an ancient language of symbols, patterns and rhythms describing planetary energies. Using her intuition Shannon has found a unique way of translating this profound wisdom into English that you can easily understand and apply to your life.

  • Why do you need my birth information?

    The tool I use is the Birth Chart (the chart feature on my product graphics). This chart is generated using your personal birth information and is unique to you!

  • Can I tell the future?

    These readings are coming from a perspective that anything is possible for the future. Although I will not tell you how specific events will unfold, we can explore the cycles of what is possible and then you can create your future as you wish!

  • How much time do you need to get a god understanding?

    If you've seen me on Periscope (@shannonhugman) you know I can talk fast. Even my 10 minutes flash sales/monthly specials are chalked full of wisdom. Every minute counts here.

  • I'm afraid to find out something bad is going to happen.

    Here's the thing, I don't believe the planets are doing anything to us- instead I know that they are cycles and patterns of energy flowing around and through us. This is not doom or gloom and we are always able to choose. The point of these readings is to give you an awareness so that you can make an enhanced free will decision. For example someone has to tell you which way the current is flowing so that you can chose to stop swimming upstream.

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  • How do I pay for my order? Is it secure?

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  • What if something is wrong with my order?

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